4.8kwh Nenergy Wall Mount Lithium

4.8kw 100ah lithium battery.
Max charge current 100a
Recommended charge current 50a
Max discharge current 100a
Recommended discharge current 50a
Compatible with Deye, Sunsync, Luxpower, Growatt and all other inverters via RS232 and RS485 communication ports.

R19 800.00

General Data
• Battery Module Capacity: 100AH
• Battery Module Cell Quantity: 15 Cell
• Battery Cell Capacity: 320WH
• Battery Cell Voltage: 3.2VDC
• Mounting: Rack Mount

Battery Charge / Discharge Current
• 50A Recommended
• 75A Maximum

R24 900.00


  • LCD display
  • Low environmental impact
  • Superior thermal stability
  • High peak power rating
  • Long cycle life
  • Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS)
  • BMS communication compatible with Sacolar and Growatt inverters
  • In order to achieve full capacity, communication between the battery and inverter is required.
  • Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter (off grid)
  • Input: 230vac 50/60hz
  • Output: 230vac 50/60hz
  • DC Input: 24vdc
  • With high voltage protection
  • 98% Efficiency
  • PWM Built in Charger
perfect for an affordable backup system.
  • Rated Power: 5000VA/ 5000W
  • Parallel Capability: Yes, 6 units
  • Integrated MPPT charge controller. 
  • Works with battery or without battery
  • Surge Power: 10000VA
  • Maximum Pv Array power 5500w
  • Maximum PV input voltage up to 450VDC.

Solar Charger

  • MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage: 120VDC ~450VDC
  • Maximum PV Array Power: 5500W
  • Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 450VDC

R12 500.00

  • LCD Touch screen and buttons, easy operation
  • Compatible with lithium-ion battery and lead acid battery
  • Web browser and mobile App monitoring supported
  • Improve self-consumption ratio up to 80%, reducing your electricity bill
  • Two MPPT design, Max. efficiency of 97.6%
  • Programmable charging and discharging schedule
  • Both wind turbines and solar panels can be connected as DC input power

R35 500.00


Kit includes the following components:
  • 1x 5kw 48v hybrid inverter
  • 6x 380w mono solar panels
  • 1x 4.8kwh 48v Lithium ion battery
  • 4 x Lugs
  • 4M x 25mm Battery cable
  • 2 x 6m Rails
  • 1x 4 String Combiner box
  • 1 x Battery fuse with holder
  • 100M x 4mm Solar PV cable

Please note this is without installation.

R57 000.00


Solarix Growtech 5.5KVA 48VDC MPPT Solar Inverter- Single Phase Non-Parallel
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Maximum AC Output 5500W
  • Output Power Factor 1.0
  •  DC Input 48VDV 127A
  •  DC Output 54VDC
  •  Maximum AC Charge Current 60A
  • Maximum Charge Current (PV+AC) 100A
  • Minimum Solar PV Voltage 120VDC
  • Maximum Solar PV DC Voltage 500VDC
  • Max PV Array Power 5500W
  • 12 Months Limited Warranty

R8 900.00

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