Volta STAGE 3 – 10.4kwh Wall Mount and floor standing battery

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Unleash Your Home’s Hidden Powerhouse: Introducing the VOLTA STAGE 3 Battery

Imagine never relying on the grid again. The VOLTA STAGE 3 battery isn’t just storage, it’s home energy freedom.

Unleash 10.2kWh of pure potential: Power your entire home for hours, ditch rising electricity bills, and weather outages with confidence.

Built to endure: This isn’t your average battery. VOLTA STAGE 3 boasts unmatched longevity with Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, lasting through thousands of cycles.

Safety you can trust: The intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) acts as your guardian angel, optimizing performance and preventing damage.

Unleash the power of choice: Works seamlessly with leading inverter brands, so you can customize your system for ultimate efficiency.

VOLTA STAGE 3 isn’t a battery, it’s an energy revolution for your home

Unleash Unmatched Power and Freedom with Volta Stage 3: The Battery Built to Last

Imagine a future free from grid dependence. Introducing Volta Stage 3, the revolutionary 10.2kWh Lithium Ion battery engineered to transform your home energy experience.

Powerhouse Performance:

  • Unprecedented Longevity: Enjoy a staggering 6,000+ charge cycles, meaning reliable performance for over a decade. Say goodbye to premature battery replacement!
  • Unleash Potential: Tap into 10.2kWh of pure power, seamlessly running your entire home for extended periods.

Innovation at its Finest:

  • Premium Cell Technology: Crafted with top-tier Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, Volta Stage 3 boasts superior capacity, high current handling, and an extended lifespan.
  • Unleash Peak Performance: Experience unmatched high-current discharge thanks to the battery’s remarkably low internal resistance.
  • Safety First: Rest assured knowing the built-in intelligent BMS system continuously safeguards your battery from overcharge, overdischarge, and more, guaranteeing worry-free operation.

Future-Proof Your Energy Independence:

  • Unmatched Compatibility: Effortlessly integrate Volta Stage 3 with various inverter brands, creating a customized system for ultimate efficiency.
  • Embrace the Future: Volta Stage 3 sets the new standard for performance and reliability, ensuring you experience the forefront of energy storage technology.

Don’t just manage your energy, control it. Volta Stage 3 empowers you to embrace energy independence, experience superior performance, and invest in a sustainable future.

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