Volta (Stage 1) 5.1KW Lithium Ion Battery 48V 100Ah

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Power Your Home, Worry Free: Introducing the VOLTA STAGE 1 Battery

Stop relying on the grid! The VOLTA STAGE 1 battery delivers lasting, safe energy for your home. Install it yourself, connect it to your favorite inverter brand, and enjoy peace of mind with a super long lifespan and intelligent safety features. Take control of your energy future – choose VOLTA STAGE 1 toda

Unleash Sustainable Power with the VOLTA STAGE 1: Your Home’s Energy Champion


Tired of rising electricity bills and unreliable grids? The VOLTA STAGE 1 is here to revolutionize your home energy with unmatched longevity, intelligent safety, and seamless compatibility.

Lasting Performance:

  • 6,000 cycles: Power your home for years to come, with a battery that outlasts the competition.
  • Deep discharge: Utilize up to 80% of the battery’s capacity every day without sacrificing lifespan.

Smarter Than Ever:

  • Intelligent BMS: This built-in brain safeguards your battery, communicating flawlessly with various inverter brands for a unified and optimized system.
  • Multi-level protection: Rest assured knowing your battery is shielded from overcharging, over-discharging, and extreme temperatures.

Unmatched Compatibility:

  • Works with the best: Effortlessly integrate the VOLTA STAGE 1 with leading inverter brands like Sunsynk, Deye, Victron, and more.
  • Future-proof your investment: Enjoy the flexibility to adapt your system as technology evolves.

Built to Impress:

  • Prismatic LFP cells: Experience superior safety, reliability, and thermal stability with Lithium Iron Phosphate technology.
  • Flexible installation: Mount your VOLTA STAGE 1 on the wall or floor to suit your space.

The VOLTA STAGE 1 isn’t just a battery, it’s an investment in your energy independence and a sustainable future.

What’s Included:

  • VOLTA STAGE 1 Lithium Battery
  • Parallel Cables
  • Instruction Manual

Upgrade your home to a smarter, more sustainable tomorrow. Choose VOLTA STAGE 1!

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