Sun God 100ah 48v Lithium Battery 4.8kw Wall Mount

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Sun God Lithium Battery Description:

Longer Cycle Life. Lighter Weight. Higher Power.
Wider Temperature Range.Superior Safety.
Increased Flexibility. BMS Specification
Overcharge detection function. Over discharge detection function.
Over current detection function.Temperature protection.Short detection function.
Balance function.Electrical Characteristics
Nominal Voltage: 48.0V.Nominal Capacity: 100Ah.
Energy: 4800Wh.Internal Resistance: 50m.
Cycle Life: 6000cycles @1.0C 100%DOD.
Months Self Discharge: 3%.
Efficiency of Charge: 100%@0. 2C.
Efficiency of Discharge: 96~99%@0.5C.
Cell & Method: 32700 6Ah.
Shell material: Cylindrical cells Iron(SPCC).
Dimensions (in./mm.): 650 x 438 x 178.
Weight (lbs./kg.): Approx:55Kg.
Gravimetric specific energy: 85WH/KG

Sun God Lithium Battery




Wall Mount

Weight 35 kg
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