Hoselect 50M Head 24V 250 Watts DC Pump

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Hoselect 50m head 24v 250 watts DC pump is a DC pump that connects directly to solar panel. The recommended solar panel is a 250 watts 24/36V. It can pump1500 liters per hour. The pump need an isolator switch for on and off purposes.

The water pump uses a copper motor and stainless steel shell, which has high accuracy and good sealing.

2. Built-in controller, the water pump can be directly connected to the solar panel, easy to install and use. 

3. With a high head of 50 meters, a maximum of 1.5m cubic meters per hour, and a wide range of applications.

4. The solar water pump is compact and does not occupy space, has low operating noise, and has stable performance.

5. The pump is electrically driven and is often used in ships, fishing boats, fish ponds, agricultural irrigation It has a total head of 50M and a flow rate of 1500 Liters per Hour. Solar Pump. Pipe 3/4 inch. Pipe connectors. Item Name: DC 50m Solar Pump Material: Stainless steel + copper

Model: 3LSPS-24-50Current: 8APower: 300WMaximum Lift: Approx. 50meters / 164ftMaximum Flow: 2m/h or 1500Liters per Hour.

Voltage: DC24VOuter Diameter: Approx. 25mmCable Length: 14 meters Impeller Suction Method: Single suction

Pump Shaft Position: Side Vertical


Model 3LSPS-24-50-1.5-250-1
Power 250 W
Voltage 24 V
Outlet 31 mm(1″)
Max; Head 50 m
Max; Flow 1.5 m/h
Pump Dia; 78 mm
Pump Long 385 mm
Wire Length 13.3 m
Dimension 430x95x170 mm
Weight 4.4 kg

Do not run dry !- Warranty void if run dry

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