Canadian Mono 415 Solar Panel

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Packed with power in a compact size!

This solar panel leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver an impressive 425 watts of power, despite its small size. It achieves a high efficiency of 21.8% thanks to advanced design features. This panel is built to be perfect for rooftops, balancing factors like power output, size, weight, and durability. It’s a great choice for those looking to maximize power generation without sacrificing space

Cell QTY: 108 (2 x (9 x 6))
Type: Mono-crystalline
Application Class: A
Dimensions: 1722 x 1134 x 35 mm
Weight: 21.3 kg
Max. load: 5400 Pa, 2400 Pa wind load
Junction Box: IP68 rated, 3 bypass diodes
Connection: T6 or MC4 or MC4-EVO2 or MC4-EVO2A
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