425W Trina Mono Solar Panel (TIER 1)

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Looks Great, Works Great

These solar panels are designed to blend in with your roof while cranking out serious power. They’ve got thin, almost invisible lines (busbars) and consistent colored cells for a clean look. Even though they’re compact, they’re powerful, thanks to advanced technology that captures more sunlight and makes them reliable.

Perfect for Your Home

These panels are easy to install on your roof and work with existing equipment. They’re lightweight and manageable, so you can save on installation costs. Plus, they come in different configurations to fit your roof layout.

Built to Last

No worries about rain, snow or wind – these panels can handle it all. They’re tough and built to endure the elements

Boost Your Home’s Power and Style with Sleek, High-Tech Solar Panels

Aesthetics Meet Efficiency: These solar panels aren’t just powerful, they’re designed to complement your home. Ultra-thin, nearly invisible lines (busbars) crisscross the panels, and advanced technology ensures consistent cell color for a clean, modern look. You won’t have to sacrifice beauty for function; these panels are a seamless addition to your roof.

Powerhouse in a Compact Package: Don’t let their size fool you. These panels generate up to a whopping 425 watts each, thanks to high-density interconnect technology that maximizes efficiency (21.3% to be exact). This means you get more power per square foot of roof space. The panels also feature multi-busbar technology, which captures sunlight more effectively, reduces resistance within the panel, and improves overall reliability. Even in low-light conditions, these panels will perform exceptionally well.

Built for Your Home, Easy on Your Wallet: Compatibility is key. These solar panels are designed to work seamlessly with most popular inverters, optimizers, and mounting systems, so you won’t need to replace any existing equipment. Their compact size and light weight make them easy to handle and install, reducing installation costs. Plus, the higher power output and efficiency of these panels can lead to additional savings on your electricity bill. They’re also flexible, allowing for various configurations to perfectly fit your unique roof layout.

Rock-Solid Reliability: Peace of mind is included. These panels are built tough and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They carry a rating of 6,000 Pascal (Pa) for positive load (snow) and 4,000 Pa for negative load (wind). Rain, shine, or heavy snow, these panels will keep generating clean energy for your home.

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